Refresh my Ride – Version 1.1

Delay Tracker for iPhone version 1.1 “Refresh my Ride” is now available! We made several strategic improvements to the Delay Tracker experience. We focused on brand experience, simplicity, and value. In order to re-envision the Delay Tracker experience, we thought of the emotional experience of frustrated passengers waiting on a delayed train.

Refreshing the Delay Tracker brand

The orange partial circular symbol represents nearly an entire hour of time elapsed blocking a light grey passenger train. Orange represents the color of increasing anger and frustration. Imagine your blood pressure rising from a calm yellow to a furious red. In road traffic signaling, any small child knows that red means stop, green means go, and yellow means slow down. Orange represents an alert, or a cautionary construction symbol.

These icons are inspired by Google’s Material Design vocabulary, but together is a unique and proprietary trademark of High Speed Rail USA, Inc.


New features

  • Refreshed design
  • Accessibility feature
    • Support for sight-impaired users
      – enlargeable essential text
      – WCAG 2.0 AA color contrast for text
      – Voiceover compatibility
      – Button shapes
      – compatibility with other standard accessibility features in iOS
  • A direct link to register to vote
  • Improved customer experience details


Lastly, we recognized that we need to provide value to our customers. So, we made the app a free download! Our customers have already paid for a ticket, and they should not have to pay in order to easily report a delay of expectations. We hope many people will use this and provide us with quality feedback and data on their travel experience.